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My name is Kelly Ledwith and I want to welcome you to learn about our Santa Monica College Corsair Football program.  I am extremely proud and honored to be the Head Coach of such a storied program.

Our program is built to help our student-athletes succeed – both on and off the field.  SMC is the #1 transfer school in the state of California and has been for 27 straight years.  The academic degree you earn here will be something you will be proud of your whole life.

My hope is to build a team that has a great reputation in our local community, the Southern California Football Association, and the four-year colleges that our team members transfer to.  The promise of our football program is to Be the Best – Never Compromise!  We ask this of ourselves in every aspect of our daily routine. 

The Corsair football team is a high energy program that enjoys what we do every time we step on the field.  We have fast paced practices that never last more than two hours.    Our offense is primarily a one-back system that uses a single tight end and three or four wide receivers.  Many high school full backs find that they will enjoy playing our tight end position.  Our quarterbacks benefit from learning to play the game from both under center and the shotgun.  Defensively we are a pressure-based defense that uses multiple looks to create pressure on the quarterback and offensive lines.  We use zone coverage as our base coverage and use a lot more man coverages when we get into passing situations.

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